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Captain Abu Raed - winner, Audience Award, 2008 Sundance Film Festival

      In the Fog - Rich, colorful orchestral strings accompanying vocalist Lisbeth Scott
      The Two Captains - Noble, yet innocent harp and viola duet
      The Storyteller - Fun and rhythmic orchestral montage

The River Why

      Leaving Home - Introspective and hopeful guitar / viola duet
      Play the Chinook - Guitar ensemble wrestling with a 50-pound fish
      Rodney - Contemplative guitar solo
      Halloween - Somewhat depressing duet for guitar and cello
      The Stress Point - Spiritual journey downriver, for guitar ensemble

Back Soon - nominee, Film and TV Awards (2007), Best Score for an Indie Feature
      Logan's Reflections - A sad, introspective solo cello
      Revelations - The turning point - dramatic strings, voices, and solo cello
      Finale - A tad somber, yet at peace
      End Titles - Strings and solo cello; dark and mysterious



The Grief Tourist

The Sunset Sky


Horror Films

Grace - nominee, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (2010), Best Original Score

      Breast Feeding - A rather tortured lullaby
      Desperation - A slowly building, ominous and disturbing crescendo
      Accident - A disjointed and unstable introspection following a nasty car crash
      End Titles - A beautiful lullaby some intruded upon
      Madeline Alone - (script cue) A deranged interpretation of a gentle lullaby

The Echo Game

      Main Title - Sweeping, dark vocal aria with orchestra
      Goodbye Rachel - Somewhat sinister, somewhat mournful
      A Series of Incredibly Violent Murders - Pretty much exactly what the title suggests
      Sarah's Vengeance - Climactic orchestral blood lust

Live Evil

Playing House


A Little Help

Knuckle Draggers

      Speed Dating! - Caveman percussion underscores sweeping romantic Spanish guitar
      Date Prep Tango - A simple tango, preparing to hit the town
      Batting Cages - Contemplative and introspective guitars, a lightly emotional moment

Let The Game Begin

Make the Yuletide Gay

      Coming Home - Pop/Christmas warmth and goodness
      Leaving School - More Pop/Christmas fun
      What Child is this - Jazz trio riff on a Christmas classics

The Incredible Adventures of Jojo

Mr. Sadman

Action Films

The Acquirer

Morning Latte - winner, Film and TV Awards (2007), Best Score for a Short
      Ave George! - Large Orchestra and Chorus hailing Satan
      Setting the Trap - Trying to kill the devil is never a good idea
      Love for a 15 year-old - A little heart-on-sleeve with a smidge of statutory
      Massive-Uber-Mega-Ultra-Grand Finale - The inevitable epic victory of Satan ...
      End Titles - Orchestral fun and games with that Satanic Choral flair

Misc. others (for lack of a rigidly defined genre)

Long After
      End titles - Lush Indian vocals over dark raga with electronics
      Scherzo - Wild uncensored Bansuri on Sitar action!

- Video Games -

      Main Theme - Solo cello, bass flute, and lush strings

flOw - nominee, British Academy Awards (2007); winner, G.A.N.G. "Rookie of the Year"

      Main Theme - Electronic, surreal, but soothing (and sorta trippy)
      Finale - An extremely warm homecoming


Super Awesome Mountain RPG

- Albums -

Khor [single]

Sounds of Darkness

Spirit of the Cosmos

- Concert Music -

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Random other tid bits...

* = If you need help deciding which to listen to ...

   * Farewell - Tearful; a powerful goodbye
   * Scattered Ashes - Aria for the Dead
   * Memories of a Lost Past - Quiet nostalgia
      Music for a darkened Ballet - A somewhat deceitful waltz
      Reflections - Introspective, sad, yet somewhat dreamy
   * High-Seas Adventure - Swashbuckling, top-deck rapier fight
   * Epic the first - An ancient city comes into view
      Helicopter Arrival - Chopper with a badass dude on it
      Setting the Trap - Danger with a hint of quirk
      Epic the second - Soaring
   * Ghost Machine - Hauntedly mechanical...
   * Vampire Canata - Gothic, old school horror
      Lullaby for a Breakdown - Sung into sweet madness
      Deranged Carnival - Pony Ride with a gun in your mouth
      Amazing Grace in hell - Title says it all
   * Waltzing on the Seine - Accordion and strings serenading some lovers
   * Young Love - Good 'ol sweet and innocent
      Love for a 15 year-old - (Legally) forbidden love
      Heart-on-sleeve - Orchestral Splenda stirred into your coffee
From Around the World
   * Way of the Aztec - Epically Mexican
   * Race Riots - Gospel-driven action
   * Rockin' Indian' - Flurries o' Bamboo Flute
      Electroacoustic - Rainstorm martial percussion
   * Too much Caffeine - A intern scurries for his boss's coffee
   * Sex with the Devil - Too Short, and the climax is a bit unsatisfactory
      A Hypnotic Piano Solo - The joke's on you if you listen to the whole thing ...
Random others I like
      Moh High-tails it! - 80's chase with strange Arabic flair
      Vomit Rock - Sorta metal-ish
      Nine Inch Vampires - Buffy from the band "Slayer"
      Smokey Cocktail Jazz - What's your poison?
      Rock (marching) Band - Big theme + electric guitar = ...
      Hippie Jazz - Jazzed up jam band


All music © 2010 by Austin Wintory and Wintory Global Engineering (ASCAP)