2016Luna / Funomena *
Tooth and Tail / Pocketwatch Games *

– Abzu / Giant Squid Studios / 505 Games
The Banner Saga 2 (PC) / Stoic Studio

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Ubisoft
Sunset / Tale of Tales
The Path to Luma / Phosphor Games
The Order: 1886 (PS4) / Ready at Dawn [‘The Knights’ theme co-writer, with Jason Graves]

2014The Banner Saga (PC) / Stoic Studio
Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell (PS4/XB1) / Deep Silver Volition [Musical Arranger & Producer]
Counter Strike: Global Offensive [“Desert Fire” Music Kit] (PC) / Valve
Soul Fjord (Ouya) / Airtight Games

2013BeatBuddy (PC) / Threaks [additional music]
SoundDodger (PC) / Studio Bean [additional music]
DropChord (PC) / Double Fine Productions [additional music]
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded (PC / iOS) / Replay Games
Monaco (PC / XBLA)/ Pocketwatch Games

2012Kinect Party (XBox360) / Double Fine Productions
– Horn (iOS)/ Phosphor Games
Journey (PlayStation3) / thatgamecompany

2010Super Awesome Mountain RPG (PlayStation3) / Codename Games

2009My Virtual Tutor (Nintendo DS) / 1st Playable Productions
Census 2010 (PC)/ Draft FCB

2008GroundTruth 2: Lock Down (PC) / Sandia Nat’l Lab, USC-Gamepipe

2007flOw (PlayStation3) / thatgamecompany
GroundTruth: Toxic City (PC) / Sandia Nat’l Lab, USC-Gamepipe
Replay (PC)/ Take Action Games

2006flOw (PC) / thatgamecompany, USC IMD

2002Ages of Athiria [theme only] (PC)/ Elysian Productions

* – forthcoming project